Integrations are very important from an organisation's perspective to built a cohesive system which could ensure free flow of data from one system to another and empower organisations to analyse and compare data from various platforms.

To that extent we partner with industry leading companies to ensure that the only limit to the ways you can use Geedesk is your imagination. By integrating Geedesk with your hotel or property management system you could analyse and track guest complaint patterns, offer highly personalised experience to your guest and much more.

geedesk can be integrated with oracle opera
Oracle Opera

Geedesk's custom interface plugs into your Oracle Opera platform and syncs the guest data with the guest complaints. This empowers you to track the guest complaints and patterns and identify repeat complaints and rectify them.

geedesk integration with WinHMS

WinHMS is a hotel management software. Geedesk can be integrated with your WinHMS platform to sync guest details and guest orders with the respective complaints or requests.



Hudini is a specialized hospitality platform that allows hotels to offer a tablet based interface to allow guests to request services. Geedesk can be integrated with Hudini to manage guest requests.

geedesk digivalet integration

DigiValet is an iPad based guest room solution for luxury hotels. DigiValet offers an easy to use interface for guests to use room controls, Television control, Movies on Demand, Order Food, Read Newspaper and much more. Geedesk can be integrated with DigiValet to manage guest requests and complaints seamlessly.

geedesk integration with Geeservice

Geeservice is a web based hotel management software. Geedesk is integrated with Geeservice out of the box to sync guest details and guest orders with the respective complaints or requests.