Manage all your guest complaints with built-in SMS

Update guest complaints and requests with a simple SMS and receive important alerts and notifications

Employees can mark attedance

Employees or service engineers who manage guest complaints and requests need to be mark themselves onduty in Geedesk.

This can be done by sending a simple SMS with keyword "onduty" do the Geedesk number and vice versa for marking as "offduty".

mark onduty with sms

mark onduty with sms

Resolve complaints with a simple SMS

The complaint management process is critical and integral part of the operation. It has to be up and running and should be insulated against all kinds of network downtime.

SMS empowers employees to be mobile and efficient as they can update and manage their respective complaints by sending simple SMS to the assigned number.

This reduces the need for any kind of manual intervention and thus drastically increases the efficiency of the customer support team and service staff.

Receive import alerts as SMS

In Geedesk users can receive important alerts and notifications at the right time through SMS.

With sms users can,
- receive escalation alerts regarding guest complaint and requests
- receive notifications of new complaints or requests assigned
- receive notifications to users when a complaint is reassigned to a new user

mark onduty with sms

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