Enforce SLA

What’s Enforce SLA?

Things might get chaotic and overwhelming with too many complaints coming from your guests and there is a huge probability that your employees might forget or miss certain complaints from attending. This is where the service level agreements (SLAs) come into picture. SLAs not only enforce a certain service level or expectation guarantee but also bring about a discipline among the workforce to address guest complaints.

Geedesk has a powerful and robust option to enforce custom service level agreements that works like an appliance and is easy to setup, configure and make it live.

Geedesk allows you to have separate SLA policies for each of your categories or you can have one SLA policy for all your categories.

This gives you the power to enforce custom SLAs for different teams also increases the efficiency of your workforce and increases guest satisfaction and delight.

The SLA policy helps you to breakdown the guest complaints into multiple categories, with P1 being critical complaints and P4 being low priority tasks or complaints.

Geedesk also allows you to define the respond within and resolve within seperately as this helps you to keep a track on the first response time and resolution time.

For easy identification sla violated tickets in Geedesk change to red color.

Geedesk offers four levels of escalation. Each level can have multiple people who can be notified when a ticket is violates the defines SLA policy.

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