Automated Workflow


Managing Guest Requests

When the front office or the housekeeping operator receives a call from the guest he / she registers the same in Geedesk. This helps organisations to keep a track on all the guest complaints or requests.

- Understand the trends and the pattern of the complaints and requests
- All complaints and requests are time bound by custom service level agreements

Complaint / Request Routing

Geedesk automates the process of assigning the requests or complains to the respective department or service staffs.

This reduces the need for any kind of manual intervention and thus drastically increases the efficiency of the customer support team and service staff.


SMS based Workflow

The complaint management process is critical and integral part of the operation. It has to be up and running and should be insulated against all kinds of network downtime. In Geedesk your employees can manage guest complains and requests with the good old SMS. With sms users can,
  • Resolve and update guest complains and requests
  • Notifications of new complains or requests are sent by SMS
  • Operators or any other designated user can create tickets through SMS
  • All notifications are sent through SMS

Mobile Access

Geedesk can be accessed on android and iOS devices with native apps. You can download the apps from respective play stores or app stores.