Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Does Geedesk help me with me with my online reviews?

A relatively huge number of the negative reviews that hotels receive are due to delay in service to the guests or failing to resolve their complaints on time.

Our customers have seen an increase in online reputation by using Geedesk consistently to manage their guest complaints and requests. TripAdvisor asks hotel guests to rate your hotel in three different categories: Location, Quality, and Service. Your location is hard to change, value is driven by price, and so service becomes the main way you can improve your online reputation. Geedesk focuses on empowering your staff to deliver an amazing service experience to the guests.

How much does Geedesk cost?

We do not charge our customers on per user basis. We charge a flast fees depending on the room count making it easy for our customers with the billing. There is no unwanted contracts or any of those associated headaches. Please get in touch with us to work out on accurate pricing for your hotel.

What is the ROI on Geedesk?

Geedesk can help in increasing ROI by helping you build a positive online reputation which is the result of your employees effectively servicing the guests during their stay. This will evidently increase your sales and the number of loyal guests.

I already have a similar software, why do I need Geedesk for?

In reality, you can continue to run your hotel as you wish and with the tools you wish. However the guest expectations are constantly changing and they have higher expectations of the service provided by the hotels. Hootels in turn need to rise up to this expectation.

This will not be possible unless you have the right software at your disposal. With Geedesk you can bring all your staff under the same platform and empower them to excel in their respective roles which results in a flawless service to the guests and in effectively managing the everyday internal operations of the hotel.

I have a reputation management software. Do I still need Geedesk?

Geedesk is not a reputation management software. It's a guest complaint and request management software.

Geedesk empowers staff to provide a flawless service to the guests. This results in increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

A reputation management software is used to perform postmortem on the negative review that the guest has posted, on the contrary Geedesk helps you in preventing that negative review (incident) from happening.

Can I try Geedesk before taking a decision?

Geedesk comes with a 15 day free trial. During this period our technical consultants will help you in setting up Geedesk and in training your staff to use it effectively.

Our team will handhold you through this process and will ensure you are up and running with Geedesk.

During the trial period you will have access to all the features that our customers have access to. This shoudl help you in making a sound decision.

Can someone from Geedesk come to my hotel for a demo?

Geedesk is a cloud based software and hence it works inside a browser and this allows us to give a detailed demo from any where in the world. However for some reason if you want a demo at your premises then please let us know while requesting a demo and we will meet you in person.

What kind of servers and operating systems do I need to implement to use Geedesk?

Geedesk is a cloud based software. This means that it works inside of a browser in a computer. So all you need is a computer with a browser installed. Nothing more. No server of anything of that sort.

Do I need a very high internet bandwidth to use Geedesk?

No, using a cloud based software aka saas does not mean that you need a higher internet bandwdith. In most cases the existing internet connection in your hotel should be mroe than enough because it's only the bits and bytes that get transferred to and fro.

Users in our hotel do not have access to the inernet. Can we still use Geedesk?

Yes. If we are not wrong your network topology would be users behind a firewall with policies in place to prevent them from accessing the websites on the internet.

So ideally this that you have internet but the users prevented from browsing the websites.

With Geedesk coming into picture you can retain this setup by just adding a policy to allow all Geedesk related traffic. So now users users will be able to use Geedesk while the rest of the internet is blocked for them.

What kind of computers or devices do our users need to use Geedesk?

Your users can use Geedesk from their existing work computers, any android and ios devices and any feature phone.

Where is Geedesk located?

Geedesk (Geekdesk Technologies Inc.) is incoporated in Delware, USA. Most of the team members work from the offices in Pondicherry and Chennai in India.

Does Geedesk have APIs?

We do not have an open API but we are integration friendly and open up APIs as and when customer requirements come up. We can provide APIs for two way data transfer and communication with third party products.

We have integrated with softwares like Alexa, Digivalet, Opera, WinHMS etc.

Can Geedesk be integrated with my PMS/HMS?

Yes, Geedesk can integrate with your HMS/PMS. Currently we integrate with Opeara and WinHMS. If you have a different HMS/PMS, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to integrate with it.

Can Geedesk be integrated with other softwares our hotel uses?

Yes, we can integrate with other hotel softwares like inroom guest service, Alexa, Google Home and much more. We have integrations in place for quite a good number of third party applications.

If we come across a new software that our customer uses then we are more than happy to come up with an integration if required.

We have some additional requirements. How can Geedesk help us?

Hotels can use from various editions of Geedesk like Geedesk Basic, Geedesk, Geedesk Awesome. Geedesk Basic is for hotels under 60 rooms while Geedesk and Geedesk Awesome is for hotels above 60 rooms.

In addition to that hotels can also purchase additional add-ons like housekeeping (room cleaning) tool, preventive maintenance tool, Geedesk messenger, Geetables etc.

If we do not have something then we will happily build it for you.

What other software can Geedesk provide?

Since recently we have become a multi-product company, which means we have more than one software for our customers.

Most of our softwares (other than few exceptions) are targeted towards the hospitality industry. You can find a list of products over here.

Can all departments in my hotel use Geedesk?

Yes! Geedesk can be used by all departments including Housekeeping, Maintenance, Front Desk, Concierge, F&B, Valet, Sales.

In addition to that Geedesk can also be used by departments involved in the operations of the hotel to dispatch, receive, track and manage their internal work and guest requests and complaints.

This eliminates the need for sending emails, manual follow-ups or using fragmented software systems for each department, Geedesk empowers staff to work as a single unified entity on the same platform.

My PMS/HMS already has a task management software. Why would I need Geedesk?

Your PMS/HMS application might have a built in task management tool. In mojority of the cases this is a very simple and rudimentary tool.

But under current business scenarios and competitive landscape hotels need a much more advanced and robust guest complaint and request management software which in addition to resolving the core problem also provides clear reports and insights for further analysis.

Your built in tool most probably lacks this. You can reach out to us for quick demo to understand more about Geedesk and it's features.

My hotel has hand held radios. Do we still need Geedesk?

Yes, Geedesk can replace your existing handheld radios. In fact it makes them redundant. These radios will be replaced by cheaper feature phones or Android smartphones. The managers can use Geedesk on their own mobile devices.

As Geedesk is 100% on the cloud staff can also use Geedesk on the browser from their computers or mobile devices.

Please note that these radios are often more expensive than smartphones.

Which hospitality brands are using Geedesk?

Geedesk is being used by some of the top brands in the world.

Following are some of our well known customers.

radisson blu logo
the park hotel logo
park plaza logo
grt hotel logo
sarovar hotel logo

Okay, I want to use Geedesk what next?

That's great. click on the request demo button found at the bottom of this page and sumbit your contact details. We will reach out to you asap.